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Our Skincare

Misiluki Skincare was created by founder/director Lufilufi.  When she opened the spa she struggled to find an affordable natural luxury skincare range from the within Samoa and the Pacific that were up to her standards of efficacy, quality and purity.

The journey of creating the Misiluki Skincare range of products required Lufilufi to go back to school and study Organic Cosmetics Science.

She wanted to make them for herself and her family but for other women like her who wanted an affordable luxury skincare range  that  is natural, safe and enhances their self-care routine but most importantly won't compromise their health.

As mother's we take care of our family and with our partners and growing children our concern is always to ensure they are using products of the same standards.

We only use natural and certified natural ingredients that are sourced from superfoods and botanicals that grow wild and found in abundance in Samoa.

All ingredients used are carefully selected based on their efficacy and such as hibiscus flowers, ylang ylang flowers, coconuts, green tea leaves, tapioca, cacao and fetau (tamanu).

All formulations are designed by Lufilufi taking into consideration Samoa's hot, humid climate and the different temperate climates in other countries.

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