Talofa Lava and Hi,

My name is Lufilufi Rasmussen the Founder of Misiluki.  My Misiluki Journey started with a problem...I had acne from the age of 16 which continued into my mid- late twenties used skincare products but then one day just started reacting negatively to them.  I was then introduced to the world of essential oils by a friend and schooled myself up on the benefits and began mixing a combination of essential oils to base oils.  I experimented them on myself and loved that my skin responded so well to this and here my curiosity and interest in natural skincare started. 😊

I established Misiluki Day Spa in 2008 and in 2021 we closed due to the Pandemic.  The concept of creating a Misiluki Skincare range came to me and we developed our Pilot Face Range for the Spa. We are happy to be re-launching our new formulations for our Face Range from 2023.

Misiluki Skincare has evolved into a family skincare company, not only do we make skincare for families but we are family owned and operated.  

We take care of those small-big skin issues that only Mum’s know about because our mothers tend to be the go-to person in the family.

As a mother of three kids, I’ve had to deal with the issues that come with puberty, growing- bodies, and self-confidence.  These days it's more about my children and less about me.  But what I love the most is that they’ve helped me develop products that serve them well as young people.

My Mother’s mantra as a Samoan Mother, was all about "Loto Alofa', to do everything from the heart". Loto Alofa is our core value at Misiluki Skincare and as a family we look forward to sharing our skincare creations with your family and all taking that journey together.

Alofa Atu
Lufilufi xo

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